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Saudi Arabia's robust economy, enormous market potential, and business-friendly government regulations make it a perfect place to launch a company. The economy of the nation is diverse, with an emphasis on industries like gas, oil, petrochemicals, and tourism. Furthermore, the government has put in place a number of initiatives to promote international investment and streamline the Saudi Arabian startup process. The main attractions are 100% Ownership, Minimal Tax Liability, Easy Company Registration, and Full Legal Support.

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Company formation

Ensure appropriate business structure, registration, and legal compliance .

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Investment Related Legal Support

Assist in the growth of commercial and investment pursuits in KSA.

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Business & Investment Consulting

Provide competent investment advice and good investment conclusions.

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Auditing & Zakat Consulting

Assist in figuring out taxable income and tax liabilities on time.

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VAT / Income Tax

Assists with the registration and communication with the KSA VAT authorities.

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PRO Activities

All paperwork with a wealth of experience working with government agencies.

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